June 15, 2011

PindaKAAS Light in Tilburg

Wallpaper installation The journey of Batik

Sunday the 5 of June PindaKAAS Light took place in Tilburg. I showed a work in progress & "The journey of Batik" and made a Batik Sidewalk Chalk Workshop.

With different assignments like "What kind of animal would you like to draw in a Batik?" or "Draw a fantasy Batik bird", a Batik was created on the sidewalk.

The work in progress I showed is a presentation about the Pagi-Sore Batik (day-night Batik) I'm making. The plan in short is to make a painting of a day-night Batik. I make a design of it and send it to Indonesia. Where (hopefully) the Batik makers in Jeruk will make a Batik of it. Eventually they will be exhibit together.
Because the work is still in progress, I can't show details of the painting yet.

From left to right: The Women in Jeruk (page from my photobook "The journey to Batik"), examples of Pagi-Sore Batiks, photo of the workplace in Jeruk, Batik I made in Yogyakarta, photo Jeruk, sketch for my Pagi-Sore Batik.

Because I was busy with the workshop I didn't had time to see much of the program of PindaKAAS, but I did see the theater show "Deze & Genen" by Elsbeth Vernout . A real must see show. Great songs & a strong story!