March 9, 2011

Working with rice

Rice installation, Yogyakarta, Indonesia by Edith Bons

Many artists use paint or clay, for me the material of choice is rice. And I'm not the only one. Three articles I found about work inspired by or made of rice (click on the images to enlarge). Enjoy!

Article by Frans Leidelmeijer. Each month he reviews an artwork that was influenced by European and Indonesian culture in the Moesson

Edith Bons is an interesting Dutch artist who was born in Indonesia. Her work is an combination of installations, paintings and collages. The articles are in Dutch, but in short there about what inspires her to make her work.
Her roots are in Indonesia, and it has a great influence on her work, but on the other hand her western upbringing has a great influence as well. She uses Batik motifs (Polengmotif, symbol of cosmic unity, used in Bali for holy cloths) and rice (she says: "rice is nutrient (both physically as spiritual(, transparent, has structure, and can transform into many shapes...It has a connection with the Javanese goddess for fertility: Dewi Sri..)

Article from the BKK Krant, December 2010

In the folder from the past exhibition in the Grafisch Atelier Den Bosch rice is used in a graphic technique called "blinddrukken". The rice is used as a stamp by Poula Versantvoort. Unfortunally her website is offline, so I only have this information.

Work was part of group exhibition "Klassieke uitdrukkingswijzen in eigentijdse uitingen" at het Grafisch Atelier

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