May 4, 2011

Indische Huiskamer

het Indische Huiskamer Koor

Last Wednesday I visited the 'Indische huiskamer' in Eindhoven. The 'Indische Huiskamer' is organized by Joyce Radesey of het Indische Atelier. This cozy Indonesian afternoon is held monthly in the community center 'De Boemerang'.
I was there to get some ideas for my lecture I'm going to give in September about The journey to Batik. I hope I can make it as much fun as this afternoon!

Jozef & Det Wagenaars told about Kampoeng Baron. A restaurant with guest-rooms on Java in which Art is important. Det's brother Boudewijn Brands started a project to give local, starting artists a meeting place. He collected art and got the idea to start a gallery or residence at the coast of java together with Zulkarnain. To finance the project they first started a restaurant. Before Boudewijn dream was realized he died shortly after the opening of the restaurant, due to an earthquake.
His sister Det and brother in law Jozef continued his project. Next to the restaurant, with many artworks from Boudewijn's collection, they build two guest-rooms. Over time a gallery and familyhouses for holidays will be added.

More about Kampoeng Baron on

The 'Indische Huiskamer' afternoon ended with a home made movie about a journey through Indonesia. A lot of footage where made on the Sunda islands. A great amateur video full green oases, rituals, big animals and beautiful people.

Between the presentations the 'Indische Huiskamer Koor' sang some tradition Indonesian songs. Everyone was handed a folder of song lyrics to sing along (see photo).

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