November 19, 2013

Batik Statement XVII

Foto bersama Pak Sigit Witjaksono, pemilik tempat pembatikan khas lasem "Sekar Kencana".

cc Sabine Bolk Remember this person?

When I saw this picture on Facebook, it made me so happy. I met Mr. Sigit Witjaksono myself in Lasem. He didn't remember us meeting, Aris wrote to me, which doesn't surprise me, because he is like a living legend getting visitors all the time.
In the wonderful documentary "Batik, Our Love Story" they also visit Mr. Sigit. He is such a strong character, I found it reassuring to find out that he is just very temperamental. His love for Batik, and especially Batik Lasem is strong. And how he talks about it is inspiring. I only met him shortly but I remember it very clearly. Also I still cherish the Batik I bought there.

Aris Yaitu's meeting with Mr. Sigit Witjaksono was part of the Widya Mitra Heritage Walk. Great to hear that this legacy is shared with younger generations. And great that the young artist Aris Yaitu, who I met in Semarang, makes the same journey as I did in 2009 to Lasem.* I hope the Batik Lasem legacy will continue and be kept alive for many generations to come!

This photos wasn't send to me as an official Batik Statement, but when I also received the photo by snailmail with a nice artcard by Aris, I knew that this is a very important statement. Two artists, beginning and legend, traditional and contemporary, sharing the same heritage, making a Batik Statement!

Post package from Aris Yaitu

Photo by Tommas Titus, October 2009

* More about my visit to Lasem in October of 2009 see my blogposts "Route to Lasem" and "Batik Lasem"

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