October 8, 2018

The journey to Batik - Research Process

How did the story go of Batik Entrepreneur Carolina Josephina von Franquemont? These passed 21 months I found and discovered a lot, and I am working on the next step, a third journey to Batik. In this Time lapse I recreated my research process. With a voice-over in Dutch, I explain why I started this research and where I am now. With subtitles you can read my explanation in Dutch & English. Below you'll find a time-line for every time I show something in the frame; a book, article or textile

0:30 Daan van Dartels article ‘Koloniale mode: wederzijdse invloeden in Indo-Europese batik’ on Modemuze 

0:33 Book ‘Batik Belanda’ by Harmen Veldhuisen  

0:34 Book ‘Fabric of Enchantment, Batik from the North Coast of Java’ 

0:36 My article ‘Verzwolgen en verdwenen: de batik erfenis van Franquemont’ on Modemuze in May 2017, English 'What happened to Von Franquemont'  

0:44 Pagi-sore, Day and Night, Batik design by me, made in Desa Jeruk in 2011 

1:12 Article ‘Batik ‘Tiga Negeri’ & de Java Print ‘Good Living’ on Modemuze, in English 'Good Life II'

1:14 Book ‘Javanese Batik to the world’ by Maria Wronska-Friend 

1:16 Souvenir-cloth (‘Herinneringsdoek’) to celebrate Keti Koti with Javanese Kraton ‘Princely Lands’ style (‘Vorstenlanden’) Batik motifs  

01:17 My film ‘The journey to Batik - Tari Batik’ premiered in September 2017  

1:51 Magazine Aziatisch Kunst of Asian Art Society (‘Vereniging van Vrienden der Aziatische Kunst’), Jaargang 47, Nr. 3, November 2017  

1:52 Book ‘Indonesian Textiles’ by Itie van Hout, Collection Tropenmuseum 

1:54 Book ‘Batik & Ikat aus Indonesien’ by B. Forman  

1:56 Community Dressing Episode 3 ‘Bunschoten-Spakenburg’ with a contribution by me  

2:26 Book ‘Collectors Collected’ by Daan van Dartel  

2:27 Book ‘Technische innovaties in de katoendrukkerij en -ververij in Nederland 1835-1920’ by G.P.J. Verbong  

2:28 Book ‘Feministische Openbaarheid, De Nationale Tentoonstelling van Vrouwenarbeid in 1898’ by Maria Grever and Berteke Waaldijk  

2:29 Magazine M├ętier with an article on my work and research, edition 3, September 2018

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