April 26, 2009


During my Fonds Live presentation one thing that was discussed was that my work was more focussed on patterns and that patterns were the subject in my new work.
Before patterns had mainly a decorative function.
To develop this progress in my work I’m adding and developing my Pattern-pattern-pattern-pattern serie (PPPP).
How far can you go with a pattern? How comfortable is a room when everything in that room is patterned the same, the wall paper, the curtains, the furniture, the tableware even the clothing you are wearing?
A Pattern-pattern-pattern-pattern room is a room that in its entirety, filled with the same pattern.

The first works with this theme I made in 2008. A watercolour and diorama (for a groupsexhibition at Villa Ockenburgh in Den Haag, NL).

In the beginning of this year I did a performance during “The sleepless night” by Vanuit Bed using PPPP.
While the song “The Artist” by Daniel Johnston was playing, I ‘woke’ up on stage in a white room which I turned into a patterned one, including myself.

At the moment I’m working on a silkscreen printed wall paper and outfits for Don’t Das Ding using the PPPP theme.
The repeating and re-using of a pattern is of course very important in Batik. Every pattern is a symbol and learning its meaning is a study towards the Pattern-pattern-pattern-pattern world I’m trying to create.
Eventually I would like to turn a room, or better a house, into a Pattern-pattern-pattern-pattern.

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