May 3, 2009

The Don’t Das Ding pattern-pattern-pattern-pattern costume

Every costume was made specifically for every Don't Das Ding member*

During the 'Grass' performance

Beginning of this year a group of musicians, poets, writers, performers and artists, including me, for the Don’t Das Ding Ensemble. Frontman Pisteffo brought us together on stage and in his radioshow Klokkespijs on Radio Centraal.
For our ensemble I made these costumes with the pattern-pattern-pattern-pattern philosophy**.

Dirk, Fronk and Koen *

Stealing a kiss before the show

The pattern I made for our Don’t Das Ding blouses and t-shirts is based on the different places we performed, stayed the night (like Pistoffo’s house De Aap/‘The Monkey”) and went on air.
The floor of Café La Campine were we joined in with “Le sacre du printemps / Krisis!” by Radio Centraal. The colours of the ‘crisis caravan’ in which we made a tribute to Tracy live on air. The Radio Centraal studio with its peeled of walls, curtains in The Monkey and my apple shaped riceccarpet I made in theater Het Appeltje (“The Apple”).

Costume for Fronk with ï

The crisis caravan

Curtains at The Monkey

Like the radioshow Klokkespijs, a mix between soundscape, radio play, interview, news, personal and the main guest, the Don’t Das Ding Ensemble is a gathering of disciplines. And like the pattern is based on different sources, it will still form a a harmonious entirety.

* Photos by Dirk Cornelis
** See previous blog post "Pattern-pattern-pattern-pattern"

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