June 26, 2009


My ricecarpet materials 

Carpet in the middle is based on small persian rug at home

Evil Eyes

Ricecarpet "Kashan"

Detail of ricecarpet "Kashan" made with rice, beans, lentils, peas and sunflowerseeds

From the 17th of May I will be in a group-exhibition with the theme 'Turkish' in Veldhoven (NL). Next to my silkscreen prints 'In Holland stands a house', I will exhibited ricecarpets I made on location.
I spend two days making the carpets and had to restore the big one all ready. Because the theme is 'Turkish' I based all my carpets on persian rugs.

The biggest carpet is named "Kashan". It is based on a quite common theme in persian rugs, the tree of life.
The tree of life is an interesting motif, pattern or theme. On Wikipedia: The concept of a tree of life has been used in biology, religion, philosophy, and mythology. A tree of life is a common motif in various world theologies, mythologies, and philosophies. It alludes to the interconnection of all life on our planet and serves as a metaphor for common descent in the evolutionary sense. The term tree of life may also be used as a synonym for sacred tree.*
So it is a concept that can be recognized by many. I surrounded the tree with exotic birds that could also be seen as phoenixes.

The other carpets I based on a small carpet we have at home and Turkish Evil Eyes, which we keep calling Good Luck Eyes in Dutch...

* Wikipedia about Tree of Life
** For more see www.sabinebolk.nl  "Voorproefje op de Expo "Turks"" and "Opening expo "Turks" 17 mei in De Kunstpraktijk"

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