August 11, 2009

Sama sama

To prepare for my journey to Java I'm reading a lot of books. In two books I found the same picture, well almost the same picture. The pictures were taken during a circumcision ritual. In the evening before the event, so is written in the books. In one they describe that so-called Simbut Batik were made (in Dutch kleefrijstbatiks) during these events. Well not on this pictures.
On the pictures you do see the dressed up boys. In the middle bowls with different food, they choose different colours so it forms a kind of windrose. And a women in one breastfeeding, in the other not.
Do you spot the differences?

From Guide to Java, an old secondhand version from the seventies 
including pictures of the youth with flared jeans

From Bloemen van het heelal by Alit Veldhuisen-Djajasoebrata, 
A book about the ritual and spiritual meaning of Batik

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