November 5, 2009

The journey to Batik

Sabine Bolk is back in Belanda/NL with a lot of inspiration & stories

Dear De reis naar Batik(Journey to Batik)-blog travelers,Yesterday morning 6 o'clock I arrived at Schiphol, Amsterdam (The Netherlands/Belanda) after leaving from Yogyakarta, Indonesia around 13 o'clock Tuesday. I'm a still a bite spaced out by the time difference (6 hours), but today I update my Blogspot De Reis naar Batik (Journey to Batik) with photos made by Denny Antyo who really saved me the first day in Indonesia (and many after that) and showed me the past month the real and very nice city Yogyakarta! And also I updated it with my own photos and stories. So for who followed my blog, click through it again and discover more! For who didn't follow my blog (shame on you ;)) discover my journey to Batik and follow it for my next journey to Java hopefully next year.

Saturday 7 november I will be in the radioshow Klokkespijs on Radio Centraal hosted by interim Koen de Wit. I will tell about my stay in Indonesia and play some field recordings that I made including the Monolog "Sum; Cerita dari Rantau" from Teater Garasi and Aris Yaitu playing guitar (and singing) in the back garden of Rumah Seni Yaitu in Semarang.

To listen Klokkespijs on internet go to the streaming on Radio Centraal, to listen it live turn your radio on in Antwerp, Belgium on 106.7 FM. To listen to my previous weather-reports from Java, Indonesia (Klokkespijs 10/10/'09 and Klokkespijs 25/10/'09) go to the site of radiohost/musician/photographer Koen de Wit.I want to thank everyone for all the support from Holland. I really liked all the comments on my blog from home!
And a very special thanks to:

Fonds BKVB
for making my dream come true!

Koen de Wit
for all his love & support & missing me a month and taking care of my bird Batik and my plants and making Curfew really good!! Thanks honey, next time you have to come with me, because I don't want to miss you so long again :)!

Denny Antyo
For the nice time in Yogya and making so much time to show me (and Barbara) around, thank you!

Tubagus P. Svarajati
I really loved it in Semarang, hope to come back soon and make a good exhibition at Rumah Seni Yaitu. You really inspired me. Thanks for all the nice and interesting conversations about art, batik and life!

Zie Batik
For show me the beautiful Batiks and wanting to teach me next year the soul & technique of Batik in Semarang.

William Kwan
For meeting me in Yogya. I learned so much about Batik and the importance of keeping cultural traditions safe for future generations. Hope to see you next year. Thank you for introducing me in Jeruk, I really hope I can join your project there!

Barbara van Kooten
for joining me in Yogya and for making a start on our project "De dans in een rijsttapijt" (The dance in a ricecarpet).

The pembatik women from the village Jeruk
I'm so happy that I can come to Jeruk and study Batik

Miss Tika
for welcoming me in Jeruk & showing me Lasem

Tommas Titus Kurniawan
For the good time in Semarang, Lasem and Pekalongan and the very beautiful photos!

Aris Yaitu


Krisna Murti
for introduce me to Denny and making certain that I was okee, hope to meet you in person next year!

Denny's parents

Hadjir Digdodarmodjo
For my first Batiklessons

Isa Gama
for the Fonds BKVB shirts and banners, and all the comments on my blog

My mother & Susan van Uden
To welcome me on Schiphol, so sweet!

for meeting me and wanting to organize an Artist Talk in Yogya when I come back.

Teater Garasi


Sarnadi Adam

Dedy Irja Pratama
for all the hours I could spend on the internet at Warnet, Semarang

Kedai Kebun Forum
Also for the hours on internet and the very nice movie nights!

Hotel Puri Artha

Hotel Indrakila

The Artist Room at Rumah Seni Yaitu

Hani Winotosastro


helping Koen with Curfew IV

and Kuoni, Malaysia airlines, all the becakdrivers, taksidrivers (especially chauffeur Bambang) and Joglosemar touringbus!Greetings
Sabine Bolk

P.S. Saturday 14 November from 16 till 18 o'clock my silkscreen prints will be showed during a group exhibition of CBK in Galerie De Kring in Roosendaal. For more information click here. You can visit the exhibition till the 10th of January 2010.

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