November 14, 2009

Synchronicity part I Gelatik

This brand (for paper) is the most popular for its notebooks in Indonesia. First time I saw one I was sitting in a taksi, outside was a man on a scooter with a bag on his shoulder. A little green corner of the notebook was sticking out of the bag.
One day later at a small restaurant I went to pay the bill. There it was again, on the counter. It was the same Batik pattern I saw the day before. But that was not all, on the cover was a small drawing of two ricebirds. The brand of the Batik patterned notebook is 'Gelatik', the Indonesian word for ricebird/Java sparrow.
As the saying goes: coincidence does not exist, it can't be just by accident that I called my little ricebird Batik and that while I'm making my journey to Batik, I found these Batik covered Gelatik notebooks! Because this is not all the synchronicity that came on my path, this is part I.

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