November 12, 2010

Vincent's Japan and my Indonesia

Ricecarpet for Vincent, made at the Vincent van GoghHuis (Vincent's birthplace) in Zundert

From 8 till 29 October I stayed in the Virtual Art Residence. This project founded by artists I know, is about exploring the way of showing and exhibiting work. I booked the Van Gogh caravan and decided to make my stay about Vincent van Gogh.
Everyone knows his work, but I found out that I really didn't know his work at all. And I didn't expected to find so many similarities in our work. More about my first virtual residence and my finding on my residence wordpress,
Because Vincent work inspired me so much and made some things clearer in my work and way I should continue. I booked the Van Gogh caravan again for 14 November till end december. My plan for then, for now, is to explore Vincent’s use of patterns (background of the portraits he made), his use of colour and his love for Japan. My love for Indonesia and how Asia inspires art and artist now & always.
I will share my findings on my wordpress & here

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