January 11, 2012

Starting with a splash!

"Dandelion explosion" by Walter Mason in 2005

First of best of wishes for 2012! Let it be a year full of things you want to do! And get time to do it!
Tried to make a list of things to do today, what has to come first on my blog and when. I got a call that my studio was maybe flooded so I dropped my plans, left my mind and headed there. Lucky for me, it's my next-door-neighbor's studio that is probably flooded...When I got back I started cleaning out my closet (because I get shelfs this weekend, living in this house a year this weekend..), adding nice pictures of birds in my agenda and getting distracted by Facebook.

"red berries, black hole, green duckweed" by Walter Mason in 2007

Monday my design for a Pagi-Sore batik finally went in a package on its way to Jakarta, indonesia. I will add photos of the painting and the making of soon. Read more about it in the blogpost "Making paper look like fabric".
I like to start this year with not a post about history, then again everything that is documented is already history, but with something new and temporary. In this new year next to Batik and Dutch (colonial) history and folkart, I will be making posts about Temporary Art. This fine example is made by Germany based artist Walter Mason. Found a post about it on the site Recycl Art. Inspiration to feed your recycling mind! Just what I need on a day like today. It's always difficult to re-start after you finished something you worked on that long. It's also the feeling of being satisfied for a moment, but all artists know this never last long...
Back to Walter Mason. He makes land art, with almost graphical feel to it. After he makes it, he then let nature do the erasing. In these photos with a little help by a brick.

Land Art is becoming the new graffiti. Sunday someone told me that in a TV program they interviewed a man making stone-carpets in the forest. He just collected stones and when he had enough he made a little piece of art. People in the village where telling each other that they should walk there and there when walking the dog, to see more of these artworks!

In the late 1960s and early 1970s Land Art was a quite popular art form from the US. Still a lot of great epic Land Art is made, but it had a bit of a taking-themselves-very-serious feel to it. I always have ideas for making temporary art statements, but I never quite make them. Maybe 2012 will be a good year for recycling ideas, or finally execute them and getting back to nature.

"Buttercups" by Walter Mason in 2007

More Land Art by Walter Mason on his photostream Meandermind

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