May 16, 2013


Tony van Room & Talitha

On 21 of april I planned to make Batik Statements** of the public that visited the Indonesian Cultural Festival in Best. Preparing the Batik Statement Fashionshow* took more time than planned. After the fashionshow a lot of people came by my Batik Statement corner to ask questions about batik, how I knotted the batik-pants and how I came to love Batik so much. And to take a closer look at the beautiful Batik Chic products.
My Batik Statements
Koen de Wit posing so I could check my frame and light
My Batik Statements corner with the beautiful products by Batik Chic
And with Batik books and fabrics

The day passed and in the process I only made two official Batik Statements. But after the event self made-Batik Statements appeared on Facebook. I was so happy to see that my Batik Statement corner was well used during my absence! Thanks Erni Hendriks for sharing these photos!

* More about my first Batik Statement Fashionshow in the previous post 'Batik Statement Fashionshow'

** More Batik Statements under the label 'Batik Statement'

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