March 19, 2014

Pimp My Wax

AFRO STREETSTYLE ... Dans les rues d'Amsterdam, 
photo Cryingbear Littlepictures/Nothing But The Wax

With this post I like to introduce you to the wonderful blogger of Nothing But The Wax, Chayet on
In March 2013 she contacted me because she was going to Amsterdam and also wanted to visit the Vlisco shop in Helmond. She ended here email with "PS : I'm blogging about Wax fabrics :-)". And what a great wax print loving blog it is!
Ever since I'm following her posts and liked her on Facebook. She has a whooping 3022 likes and hopefully more after this post.

AFRO STREETSTYLE ... Dans les rues d'Amsterdam, 
photo Cryingbear Littlepictures/Nothing But The Wax

In February she and her boyfriend (now fiancee, congratulations!) where in the Netherlands again. So I travelled to Eindhoven to meet them. In the morning she went to Helmond to get some wonderful wax prints. And of course we started with looking at them!
It was so much fun. We instantly started to talk about Vlisco, about beautiful fabrics and fashion and why we blog. Her boyfriend is just like my fiancee an expert himself, because they have to listen to all our Wax print/Batik talk all day.

Chayet & Me

Wax prints bought in the Netherlands, photo from Nothing But The Wax on Instagram

Pimp My Wax, photos Nothing But The Wax

Chayet uses the Wax prints not only to make clothes, but also to pimp objects like notebooks, boxen and pillows. I love this part of her blog!
She also shares the greatest fashion. There is a lot of great things being made of wax prints. I hope one day it would be the same with Batik. Of course already nice things are being made with Batik, but it is difficult to get them here.
Her project inspired me to make also things of the fabric I like, so I can wear and share it. I'm making bows with matching earrings (from Bintang beercaps) with Batik fabrics at the moment, more about that in a next post.

Enjoy Chayet's blog Nothing But The Wax and don't forget to like her on Facebook!


Chayet said...

OHHHH thanks a lot!!!

Sabine Bolk said...

You are welcome :)!