March 28, 2014


Dear readers, 

You might have noticed my posts aren't as frequent as normal. I simply do not have the time to write at the moment. I did gather enough nice photos, so in the near future I hope to share them with you.
Sunday I'm off to Engeland. I'm invited for the Cambridge Sustainability Residency. You can read more about in on my website
The last weeks have been crazy with finishing things that have to be ready for when I get back end of April.
On the 21th of April I celebrate the 5 year anniversary of my blog! I would love to celebrate this with more Batik Statements! I made some myself already, like the one in the grass above, but I would also love to share your Batik Statements!
So please put on those Batiks (Wax print Statements are also very welcome!) and send them to
For inspiration check out the previous Batik Statements on my blog.

Thank you!

And see you soon!

Warm batik wishes,

Sabine Bolk

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