October 17, 2014


Members of the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights posing with Beatrix in October 2012

I definitely paid to much attention to her hats, because I almost fel of my chair seeing a smiling Bea in the newspaper wearing a Batik and Chintz patterned outfit. It was not just the outfit that surprised me, also the location. Was it a message? Was Beatrix telling us that at least she is aware of our heritage?
Is it a Batik Statement?
In the discussion going on since this photo was taken, for me it is a comforting thought. Looking for more photos of this outfit, and trying to find out who designed it (if you know, please let me know, thanks), I came across even more Batik and Chintz patterns costumes of our prinses.
But not only that, she expressed being Dutch in so many different ways and even got in trouble for it. We all remember her wearing the beautiful headscarf and who had a problem with it. So a blogpost seemed in order.

Clicking through hundreds of photos of our former Queen Beatrix, I can definitely say that she likes patterns. Her clothing choice started a little plain, which is not weird always being in the spotlights, but you see her daring character sparkle through very soon. I noticed that in my memory Queen B is mostly wearing royal blue, but that is not at all true. What I saw now is that she wears all kinds of colours and isn't afraid of wearing patterns all over. Also red and purples are favorite when it comes to scarfs and hats.

Her visit to Turkey in 2012 was parade of colourful, patterned, beautiful outfits, which made us forget to look at Máxima. One of her outfits there was also with a Batik motif. What a nice surprise! I can't tell from the pictures if it is Batik Tulis and I wonder if it is the same designer. If I find out I'll let you know.

Enjoy my little selection of favorites! And B, keep on sharing those Batik Statements***!

Same outfit, different venue 

Tulip top on a long skirt on Prinsjesdag in 1987

Troonrede in 1985 **

Troonrede in 1988

Troonrede in 2012

Wearing a Batik blouse during a visit to Indonesia in 1995

With Máxima in 2012 in Turkey

In Turkey in 2012

During the Coronation of her son in 2013 with prinses Mabel wearing a beautiful Victor & Rolf dress

The other Batik costume


Beautiful Indian inspired gala dress

* More pictures of prinses Beatrix go to www.gahetna.nl
** More pictures of Beatrix during the Troonrede on www.anp-archief.nl
*** More Batik Statements on De reis naar Batik

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