October 1, 2015

Batik Statements from around the world

Batik Statements by Ine WawoRuntu

The fourth Batik Statement I received was in 2012 from Ine WawoRuntu*. A lovely group-photo of the members of the Stichting Hibiscus in traditional Javanese wear at Imogiri, Yogyakarta in Indonesia.
Ine WawoRuntu is inspirational women. She runs Stichting Hibiscus, a foundation that helps schools in Indonesia by building bathrooms, funding books, other school-materials and much more. She organizes lovely events to promote Indonesian culture in the Netherlands and is a big supporter of Batik. 
She always brightens Social Media up with pictures of her wearing Batik. Her Batik Statements are made globally. So to celebrate Batik Day I got a little selection of Batik Statements made by Ine. She is wearing Batik blouses, shirts, jackets, sarong or bags in places like Jakarta, Lisabon, Best (NL), Copenhagen, London, Las Vegas and with Queensday. enjoy & get inspired!

"I wear Batik because I think it is beautiful. I also wear Batik because I'm proud of it. Batik is from Indonesia and from 2009 is the official Unesco Cultural Heritage from Indonesia. That makes wearing Batik even more fun. And because I want to contribute in promoting Indonesian culture. I love wearing Batik in every country I visit and I wear Batik in Indonesia. That is important, because we should be proud of Batik and shouldn't hesitate to wear it all the time."
- Ine WawoRuntu

Thank you Ine for supporting Batik! I wish you and everyone a happy Batik Day!
And don't forget to put on some Batik!

Batik Statement in Jakarta, boys are wearing Batik Pekalongan, 
Ine is wearing Batik from design house 'Putri Malu' in Yogyakarta

Batik Statement in Lisabon

Batik Statement in Jakarta, Ine is wearing Batik Encim from Pekalongan

Batik Statement in Abu Dhabi

Batik Statement in Vatican City

*  See blogpost Batik Statement IV

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