October 2, 2015

We Can Do It!

Dear readers,

Today should be a day of celebration for me, but with everything going on, it is tough to just eat pie & wear Batik. So my Statement for today is not just to celebrate Batik day, which they nicely celebrate on my birthday, but a little more.
I want to make a superhero tribute with my following Batik Statements, here is the first one: We Can Do It!

We Can Do It! We can welcome people that need our help. We took so much, from so many cultures, we can take them in and add another culture to the mix. We need to welcome this and hope that if we ever need someones help we can count on it.

We Can Do It! We can stop climate change! We just need to work really really hard and really really make sure that everyone pitches in. Stop discussing about it, just do it!

We Can Do It! We can have equal rights! For everybody! We are the same in all our differences, diversity is a blessing, so let's celebrate it!

We Can Do It! We can be one! We only have one planet, so let us enjoy it, celebrate life and protect it!

We Can Do It! Let's start today!

This tribute is based on the American wartime propaganda"We Can Do It!" poster produced by J. Howard Miller in 1943 for Westinghouse Electric as an inspirational image to boost worker morale. 
For this statement I'm wearing my grandfathers Batik blouse, a traditional Dutch headscarf from Staphorst in front of a Banana wax print by African Textiles. Three different cultures, my roots and history, combined into one. 


barbara said...

you dig It! As always!

Sabine Bolk said...

Thanks :))))

Batik.Click said...

Hi Sabine,
Great Spirit!

By the way, we are quite surprise to see batik day is celebrate not only in Indonesia.

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Have a great day!

Sabine Bolk said...

Hi Batik Click,
Terima Kasih!! Thank you!
I celebrate it every year, but it is not a big event yet, but I hope one day we all celebrate Batik day on 2 October :).
Thanks for sharing your Batik Tulis products!