April 21, 2021

Batik Statement Blogs Birthday 2021

A Batik Statement for this years birthday of my blog 'The journey to Batik' had to be an online meeting!

21th of April 2009 marks the starting date of my blog, first started in Dutch, so it become the long website link www.dereisnaarbatik.blogspot.com

This 21th of April I celebrate 12 years of blogging on my blog and 12 years of my journey to Batik. My blog is now on the more easy link www.journeytobatik.org

I want to thank everyone who has been following my journey! Thank you for your support, guidance and appreciation through out these years. The last year was tough, for everyone and also for Batik. Batikmakers have it extra hard during this pandemic. Batiks mostly get bought for special events like weddings and through tourism, which came to a full stop last year and haven't improved since. 

So on my blogs birthday and on Kartini day, all my warm wishes to all that make, support and buy Batik. 

To many more years of continuing my journey to Batik :)! 

Selamat Hari Kartini!

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