March 26, 2021

Batik Stand Online - The Online Batik Stand

Last year we started 2020 with the full hope we would make a bigger, even better, Batik Stand at the Tong Tong Fair in May. The closer we got to May, the more we realised the event couldn't take place.
We, me and Romée Mulder and Myrthe Groot of Guave, decided to make an online intermezzo of our Batik Stand. We did a little experiment with Easter, painting Easter eggs in Batik style, experimenting with how to record videocalls and how to share them. Things developed quickly after that. The ways of how to record & share changed so much during this pandemic. We have IG tv, Instagram Live, live streams on Youtube & Facebook, Zoom, Teams, Skype, Whatsapp, and so forth. You can be add home all day and travel the world basically. Most of these options existed before Covid, but we really made the step that an online connection can be a real connection. Of course, in person is better, but isn't it great we can meet with someone in Singapore, Indonesia, USA, you name it, all on the same day, even at the same moment. And for me personally what was a huge plus is that I finally dared to ask people to share their amazing Batik stories on camera.
For the Batik Stand we asked three guests to share their Batiks in an online Batik Consultation. We shared them last year on Instagram as IG tv videos and made also a program in our stories. 
To make the videos accessible for a wider audience, I now put them all on Youtube. They include Dutch & English subtitles and some updated footage. 
Go check them out! Enjoy!

Digital consultation with nobody less than Dido Michielsen, author of the book 'Lichter dan ik'. In this episode we discuss different themes from the book, zoom in on the Batik and take a look at Dido's own Batik collection.

Dido Michielsen shows us the suitcase she keeps her Batiks in when we visited her in Augustus 2020

In this second Batik Consultation we talk with Rachel de Vries who we met in 2019 at the Tong Tong Fair when she visited our Batik Stand and showed us two amazing Batiks. Both Batiks have an interesting place in the history of the Dutch East Indies and Indonesia.

Some books used to identify the Batiks shown during the online consultations

In this Digital Batik Consultation we talk with Cindy Smits about two special Batiks from her grandmother. What can these Batiks tells us?

Cindy Smits grandfather and grandmother, Oma Roemsah with the Batik she wears on the photo

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