September 21, 2009


I just send an email to follow a short Batik Course using canting at Batik Winotosastro in Yogyakarta.

"You will only find traditional hand waxed batik at Batik Winotosastro. We are committed to preserving our cultural heritage, not as in a museum, but as a living art form. Not only the patterns themselves, but the actual process of waxing and dyeing the cloth by hand. Batik Winotosastro is honored to be a part of an ancient history as 5th generation traditional batik makers in the royal court city of Yogyakarta.."
- Batik Winotosastro

Batik is being made with three methods. With Canting the wax is applied to the cloth by using a kind of pen with a copper container on a wooden handle.With Cap wax is printed on the cloth with a copper stamp. Making the Cap, copper stamp, is an artform on its own. Sometimes Canting and Cap are combined in making a Batik cloth. Last technique is coloring by hand, or applying 'dye proof' materials by hand (or with a small stick, like with 'sticky rice Batiks'. A kind of pudding of rice is applied on a cloth during a ritual. More about this in my blogpost about "kleefrijstbatiks".

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