September 7, 2009

Safe Travels

This morning I got my vaccinations at the GGD!
 And I got some anti-mosquito stuff, sunscreen and got this bum bag with it, 
well I can travel safe now...

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Hans said...

Hoe retro, Sabine, een heusche prentbriefkaart! Niks virtueel, niks digitaal, zelfs met peranko! DANK.

Kijk eens op : Bu Susi geeft niet alleen les aan toeristen, ze doceert (of doceerde) ook batik aan de UGM. Ze verhuurt kamers, maar mijn huis is op loopafstand van dat van haar.

Helemaal aan de andere kant van de stad, het noorden, ligt het huis van ene Barry. Hij schreef me een paar dagen geleden het volgende:
"I wonder do you know anyone who is looking for a place to live? Not that we are planning to move, but our house is too big for just David and me to look after, and we need someone else to live out the back to help justify the maintainance.
There are several possibilities that might work for someone suitable. It could be one or more Indonesians, either students or a working couple who could have a room or two in exchange for a few hours cleaning or gardening each week, or might even want more regular paid work around the house.
Or it could be an ex-pat looking for a budget kost (there are no cooking facilities, but two rooms and private bathroom with hot shower). The rent would be negotiable for the right person who didn't need too much looking after. We are open to any arrangement that doesn't disturb our privacy or cause us any hassle.
If you know anyone who might be interested in something along the above lines, please put them in touch with me. All of my own circle of friends and workers already have a suitable place to stay or have commitments in the family home.

Ook dat kan interessant voor je zijn. Als je meer wilt weten, neem dan contact met me op. Via e-mail of Skype, die prentbriefkaarten zijn aardig, maar ze kosten wel veel tijd...


Hans aka Guna2