August 4, 2011

Made by Carp

Tuesday I visited the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam. I had an appointment with the conservator to look at some very special Batiks. The Batiks made by Maria Paulina Carp.

On the 28th of September I will give an lecture about My journey to Batik at the Indische Huiskamer in Eindhoven. To prepare for my lecture I visited the Indische Huiskamer in April, see blogpost Indische Huiskamer (in Dutch). There I met madam Rosielle-Bergsma, the granddaughter of Maria Paulina Carp. She told me about the Batiks she gave to the Tropenmuseum.

I'm so glad I got the chance to see, touch and to document the Batiks made by Carp. I will share the pictures after the lecture, because it still has to be a little surprise for madam Rosielle-Bergsma to see them again.

I got an open invitation from the conservator that if I would like to see more Batiks, I'm always welcome.
Ohh will it be more Batiks from Pekalongan or maybe from Lasem or Cirebon...?

A box with 4 special Batik Belanda's

Signature "M Carp Pekalongan" , Made by Maria Paulina Carp

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