February 9, 2012

With your feet in the air and your head on the ground*

Still from "Paradox of the Praxis 1 (Sometimes doing something leads to nothing)" by Francis Alÿs

Writing about Temporary art suits my temporary state of mind better. It's feels more logical to write about things that change than about things that have happened and will never change. Still reading a lot about Batik, Nederlands-Indië (Dutch East Indies) and tribes. Especially about tribes at the moment due to my project with artist Emmy Dijkstra.

Belgian artist Francis Alÿs (1959) lives and works in Mexico City. I mentioned his work in my previous post "Sometimes making something leads to nothing". In his work he combines political statements with poetic performances. In his video 'Barrenderos / Sweepers' he asked street sweepers in Mexico City to work together to move the biggest heap of garbage they can with brooms. Sometimes thoughts feel like this. Pilling up, tumbling down over each other and all you want to do is clear your mind.
With the streets in Breda (NL) covered with snow and ice, it's a nice idea thinking about a big block of ice melting away in the Mexican sun, so enjoy this video and don't forget to watch the other video's by Francis Alÿs.

*from "Where is my Mind Music" by Pixies

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