March 27, 2012

Vlisco in Helmond

Visited Helmond last Wednesday with my mom to see the Gouden Boekjes exhibition. Because we where in Helmond I had to finally visit the Vlisco shop. Meeting my mom in Helmond I walked right towards Vlisco. I spotted this billboard with the blue sky above it and couldn't wait to see some real Vlisco Batiks!


"Girls in the textile factory", 1942-1970, by Vladimir Ilich Panteleev at Gemeentemuseum Helmond*

Vlisco shop in Helmond

Beautiful combination of red and orange-yellow

Vlisco shop

After the exhibition we headed towards Vlisco. When we found the shop I asked if I could make some pictures, having my blog in mind, and I could. I fell in love with two fabrics both with birds on them. I regret that I'm not handy with fabric, because what to do with the whole 6 yards if I can't make anything with it..
Good thing there is also Jansen in Helmond. This store has Vlisco, African Batiks and left over pieces of fabric. I found one of my bird favorites between the big pile of Batiks. Beautiful to see al this colours in one big mix together and I have my own 'Real Dutch Java Print' Vlisco now! At least a part of it :).

Looking with my mom for a smaller Vlisco at Jansen

Loved the Vlisco shop. How the Batiks are displayed and the mannequins in the great Batik creations. My mom bought me this book about Johan Jacobs. One of the first designers of Vlisco. I'm preparing for a post about him, but as always it unravels a big story including the Arts-and-Crafts movement of William Morris, the Dutch "Nieuwe Kunst" Art Nouveau group, Klimt's Symbolism and Van Gogh Japonism. And as always greatly connected to the development of Batik Belanda in Pekalongan, Indonesia. So I first have to read some more and get back to you when I have a clearer story to tell.

More about Vlisco and to shop online go to

To see more Vlisco Batiks, visit the exhibition "Six Yards Guaranteed Dutch Design" at MMKA in Arnhem (till the 7th May). An exhibition about how Vlisco’s Dutch textiles became a part of various West African cultures and found their way into international fashion, the visual arts, and photography. The exhibition Six Yards is a tribute to Vlisco textiles: over a hundred years old, born in Indonesia, designed in the Netherlands, loved in Africa, and desired in the West. A real must see. I'm going end this month, looking forward to it!

* correction on 10/2/2018,  I had a wrong date/year mentioned at this painting, see more information in Dutch here:


Juli said...

Hi Sabine,

Google led me to this blogpost about your waxprint fabric shopping in Helmond... I was wondering if you can still remember the address of the Jansen shop? I have the same problem as you had then... love the fabrics but what to do with 6 yards of beautiful but very expensive material...

Sabine Bolk said...

Hi there :),

Thanks for your comment! And you can find the address and more information here: You can easily visit both on one day! And also check the Vlisco website when they have discounts, sometimes you can buy 2 or 4 yards instead of 6 yards :)!

Unknown said...

Hi Sabine!

Could you tell me where is the Vlisco shop?
I can't find any informations on the web...

Thank you :) :)

Sabine Bolk said...

Hi Rica,

You already know ;), but for the other readers :); Vlisco opened a new store at their factory in Helmond. The Vlisco Group Factory Outlet is open on Mon/Lun till Fri/Ven: 09:00 - 16:00h. Happy shopping!

Carla said...

Heading off to Netherlands soon. Thanks SO MUCH for this info!!


Sabine Bolk said...

Dear Carla, you are welcome :)! There are three Wax Print stores in Helmond, it is possible the visit them all on one day: Vlisco, Jansen (Julius wax & vlisco) and I believe its called Holland wax. Enjoy your stay in the Netherlands!