June 7, 2012

Batik Statement II

These great photos were posted on my Facebook. Barbara van Kooten, who sent me the first Batik Statement, visted the cemetery of Sultans. It is an obligation to wear traditional Batik of Yogyakart while doing so. Also it showes your respect.
On the pictures Barbara, Eric, Pinta, Maya and Vaida Poland in beautiful traditional Batiks on a beautiful and spiritual location. Thanks for sharing!

Got inspired? Get your Batik on! Make a picture of yourself wearing your favorite Batik and send it to me by email or post it on my Facebook wall. For inspiration see my post 'Sometimes I wish I was a fashion blogger' or check out photos from fashion-bloggers and in fashion-magazines (tip: sunny, nice locations, lots of colours and good memories).
If you're not sure if your favorite patterned fabric is a Batik, don't hesitate to share. Maybe it's printed, or with the same technique as Batik, just tell me why you like this pattern! Looking forward to your Batik fashion statements!

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