June 10, 2012

Temporary carpets on unexpected places

For this post temporary carpets I didn't find while visiting museums, but by watching TV. The Indian sandcarpet is from episode 1 'The Blessing Way' of The X-Files season 3. Mulder has a near death experience in the dessert and they save him with this Navajo ceremony.

"Through your actions you have the power to shape your own future"
- Kencho

This ricecarpet is from Bruce Parry's Going Tribal episode Journey to the Clouds: Bhutan. "Bruce treks for ten days into the high mountains in the tiny Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan where he stays for a month with the isolated Layap people. They are devout Buddhists and yak herders, cut off from the outside world for half the year by deep snow." His host Kencho, who was trained to become a monk, shows him the principles of the Tibetan version of Buddhism mixed with animistic beliefs. He makes a "Wheel of Existence" with rice, explaining that your deeds determine on which side of the wheel you will end.

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