November 27, 2012

Think globally, bag locally

Saturday I made Batik Statements of the visitors of the WinterFashionFair during a BatikFashionPhotoShoot at Taman Indonesia. I still have to touch up some of them and then before I post them here, I send the Batik Statements to the 'models'. I had a great day and enjoyed being busy with Batik fabrics all day!

So to ease the waiting, I have some wonderful Batik fashion for you to enjoy. I'm friends with Novita Yunus on Facebook and every week pictures of beautiful bags I all want to have are in my newsfeed. She showed her new collection of Batik Chic at the Jakarta Fashion Week and I asked her to send me some info about Batik Chic for on my blog:
"Batik Chic, founded in December 2009, is specialized in bags with wastra(kain) Nusantara (Batik & Tenun Indonesia). Batik Chic Store Opened April 2010. At first, It was only focus on produce bags according to Novita Yunus (Founder & Creative Director of Batik Chic) passion and exploring Batik because of her past experience when she
was living in Jogjakarta with her beloved mum."

The Batik bags are sometimes also custom made, for example a very expensive sarong got torn and she made a limited edition line of bags (big one, small one, clutch) of the sarong. I love her pictures, looks like they are made at Taman Sari. They make it really high fashion and exotic.
'Urban Chic' collection

'Urban Chic' collection

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