April 9, 2013

Boek & Beeld (Book & image) at Grafisch Atelier Den Bosch

Booksculpture by Emmy Dijkstra

Saturday I went to the exhibition 'Boek & Beeld' (Book and image), a group-exhibition full of selfmade artists books at the Grafisch Atelier Den Bosch. Emmy Dijkstra shows two of her beautiful water-colored journals, so we went together. I thought it was the last weekend but it's till 14th of april, lucky you! There open on thursday till sunday from 13:00h till 17:00h.
The exhibition place of the Grafisch Atelier moved. And I really like their new location. It's still in the same building, they now have two smaller rooms. It looked really great with all the selfmade artists books. And it's a joy to visit an exhibition where you can actually touch the Art (with gloves)!

Lovely to spend time talking and flipping through art books. Made some pictures, hope you can visit the exhibition yourself. It's really inspiring, makes me want to make books (again) myself!

Journal by Emmy Dijkstra, ask the suppoost if you can see it!

Book by Yuriko Miyoshi

Detail from book by Yuriko Miyoshi

Page from the book 'T Draadje' by Els ter Horst

Book by Els ter Horst

Page from the book 'Verstopt' by Jeanet Kingsma

Loved these two books, 'Verstopt' and 'De sprong van de zwarte steen, naar de witte kei', by Jeanet Kingsma. I think it's totally made with silkscreen-prints. I just closed my butterfly-project and started with a Batik Statement project. I borrowed some Batiks and they were filled with Butterflies. My Butterfly monitoring season has started (1th of April), but unfortunately it has been to cold for Butterflies to fly. When I came across this book by Jeanet, I knew that it was good to be busy with Butterflies. Next Saturday I'm going to pick up my own copy of 'Verstopt' and it will be warm enough for spotting Butterflies!

Page from the book 'Verstopt' by Jeanet Kingsma

Page from the book 'Verstopt' by Jeanet Kingsma

Page from 'De sprong van de zwarte steen, naar de witte kei' by Jeanet Kingsma

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