March 29, 2013

Cutting Loose

Letting go, start again. The new works by Cécile Verwaaijen shown in a solo exhibition at IDFX (Markendaalseweg 36, Breda, NL) are made with this motivator. Strong, raw diamonds these new works of art are. Sometimes miles away from her previous works, yet her signature and the refinement in them is easily recognizable.
I interviewed Cécile Verwaaijen last year about her new found direction in her work. We talked about the inspiration she found in dutch samplers, her background and her love for South America. Her new works are personal and at the same time represent an almost feministic ideology. It made me proud to be an artist and a woman. Thank you for that! And thank you for the great works. Looking forward to seeing what's next.

You have to go see these works, so I'm only going to show some (details) of the works. Koen made them for me during the opening with his phone.
This Easter weekend will be your last chance to do see them, so stop looking for eggs and go see some art!

Detail from '¿Dónde están los 60 milliones de artistas muertos?', 2012 *

Detail of 'Reindeer composition with yellow stipes' (based on Mondriaan), 2013 *

'Female studies on Mondriaan', 2012/2013 *

'I am my sisters mestizo', embroided handmade dress, 2012/2013 *

During the opening Cécile was wearing a wonderful, 'power-women' skirt. She made it herself and I loved all the details in it. Army and leopard print, some pieces of wax block fabrics and different ornaments like lucky dolls and little swords. I asked her if I could also share this on my blog and I could. So enjoy!

Detail skirt

Detail skirt

Detail skirt

* All works made by Cécile Verwaaijen,
** Interview with artist Cécile Verwaaijen on De reis naar Batik

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