April 27, 2013

The day that you knew was coming is finally here *

Vlisco's K(r)oningsdoek

Sunday I had a blast organizing my first 'Batik Statement Fashionshow' (see my previous post 'A Batik Statement a day...'). I had 7 wonderful models and I got great reactions from the audience. Hope to do that again some day!
I'm gadering photos made during the fashionshow, so if you made photos please send them to me. I also have to edit the filmed footage, so very soon you can see more about my 'Batik Statement Fashionshow' here on my blog!

Tuesday we celebrate our last Queensday in the Netherlands. Willem-Alexander is going to be crowned that day with the lovely princess Máxima on his side.
Vlisco made a limited edition wax print for this Dutch historic event. It's unfortunally not for sale and I'm really curious who is receiving these limited yards...

The perfect way to get over the jealousy after watching this video, is by buying some wax prints for yourself. My dear boyfriend made me even happier, he gave me 2 yards of my favourit Dutch Wax Block Print from the 'Jeu De Couleurs' collection. It's not here yet, but I will share it as soon as I get it! For now some pictures of the beautiful 'Jeu De Couleurs' collection and campaign.
Vlisco's Jeu De Couleurs campaign photo by Dutch artists Freudenthal/Verhagen
Vlisco's LookBook for Jeu De Couleurs

On monday Vlisco launch their new collection. "Taking colour to the edge. Treasures from the archive. ONLY 2 NIGHTS … Until you can make a new fashion statement!". Well I can't wait!! And I hope Máxima will show up in a dress made of the Vlisco K(r)oningsdoek on Tuesday!

* Google translate of lyric from the 'Koningslied'


Anonymous said...

Als grote fan van de Vlisco-stoffen zou ik dolgraag zo'n Vlisco-K(r)oningsdoek ik mijn bezit willen hebben.
Mien B. Deurne

Sabine Bolk said...

Anders ik wel, Mien!