July 15, 2013

Batik Statement XV

My cousin Cliff surprised me a few weeks back with his Batik Statement and stack of CD of Indonesian music. It was really nice seeing him, our family isn't really close, so we hadn't seen each other in a long time.
He lent me great modern Indonesian music and brought with him his Batiks with a picture of him wearing the traditional temple clothing of Bali.
I made a collage of the picture with the Batiks and added some flowerpetals for the Bali-touch.

Hope you'll like it Cliff! And hope to see you soon!

Batik from Yogyakarta with prada (gold outlines) on Batik (made with cap & canting) from Bali

Got inspired? Get your Batik on! Make a picture of yourself wearing your favorite Batik and send it to me by email or post it on my Facebook wall. For inspiration see the previous 'Batik Statements' (tip: sunny, nice locations, lots of colors and good memories).

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