December 19, 2014

As Far As The Eye Can See

Chayet Chiénin from Nothing But The Wax got interviewed for V-Inspired from Vlisco! * I was already emailing her to congratulate her before reading it fully. After pressing send, I continued to read and got such a nice surprise from her, I almost fell of my chair. Best virtual present ever! Thanks soooo much!
She is very right about my love for textiles with birds.** My own small Batik and Wax print collection is full of birds and on my blog I dedicated already many posts about textile patterns with birds.

The funny thing is, that's synchronicity for you, I was already preparing a post about a bird textile, because I love me a good Chicken Motif any day!
I already shared their product in the two previous posts, so it was time to make a post completely about the Indonesian textile company Sejauh Mata Memandang. They make handmade Batiks, Tulis & Cap, and their first collection is with a pattern based on a Noodle bowl image with a chicken.
I first saw their products online on Instagram during the Bazaar Fashion Festival 2014 (22 - 26 October). I loved that they used one motif to make a collection full of different products. From sarong to bag, from bandana to slipper.

On the BFF 2014 catwalk the models were wearing both designed clothing as just wrapped around cloth. The indigo-white combination is tradition, yet it is very strong and give it a modern feel.
As you can read, I'm a total fan, so decide for yourself with the short interview and their Batik Statement, the 20th Batik Statement I received for my blog!!

Can you tell me how and when you started?

We're in love with batik since childhood. We start it recently, we'd love to remind the young generation that batik is not a motive, it's the process where you use the wax. The pattern could be as playful as we want.

Where is the Batik produced/made? 

In Pekalongan on Java, Indonesia

Why Batik? And why Cap & Tulis, instead of printed cotton? My blog is about sharing the love for handmade Batik, so I love to hear & share your opinion about that!

We love everything handmade...We love the process of making a textile. We love age old technique to enamored simple, close to the heart design.

Why the Chicken bowl pattern? 

We love noodle
We love the chicken and the flower patten on the bowl.
Sejauh is inspired by all the little things around us that made us love Indonesia.

Do you use natural colouring or chemical dye?

We use both

What is your favorite product (which of your own products?) and why?

We love Kain Pagi sore.
Pagi sore has two different patterns hand painted diagonally, giving two options to be worn. It's the clever design and the philosophy of efficient beauty That makes it important to keep the love alive.

What is your plan for the future? A new Batik pattern? Or a different technique from Indonesia?

A new pattern...We love patterns!

And last but not least!
I have a project on my blog called Batik Statement. I ask people to share their photo wearing Batik with me and ask them why they use, wear and express themselves with Batik.
I would love the receive a Batik Statement from you for my blog!

20th Batik Statement XX 

I like the personality of a handmade batik, it stands out, it makes me feel I alone have what I'm wearing, it compliments individuality. Be your own self. That's just my way of looking at it.
- Chitra Subijakto 

To enjoy more from Sejauh Mata Memandang, visit

* "Meet the fashionblogger...Chayet Chiénin" on
** Previous posts about textiles with birds: Difficult TimeThe chicken and the egg &
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*** Last year in December I also had a nice Vlisco suprise, read more in "The best kind of prize is a *sur*prise!"
**** "Fabric of India" Upcoming must-see exhibition full of textiles with birds at V&A in London (UK), more on

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