December 11, 2014

Happy Wrapping!

My headwrap experiments on Instagram

On Facebook a link came by about the upcoming Di'Xpressions Headwrap workshops*. I was talking about it with my friend Isa Gama before, that we should definitely try to learn how to make those impressive headwraps. So me and Isa set a date and on the 28 of September we headed to Amsterdam  (NL) for the workshop.

Of course we were a little late, so we choose quickly one of the bold coloured fabrics so we could start learning. Diana introduced us to 6 (maybe more) headwraps, and more importantly how to make a nice and secure base. We had so much fun and the wraps are amazing.
I'm already a big fan of knotting and wrapping cloths, also because it's a nice solution to make clothing without sewing. For my Batik Statements I try to makes as many possible outfits without having to cut the beautiful Batiks & Wax prints I own.
Headwraps are by far the best way of displaying beautiful fabrics. You make a statement, add a 'bang' to your outfit and it is just so pretty! It's like gift-wrapping your head!

Me & Isa Gama at the Di'Xpression Headwrap workshop

I have to say most wraps looked better on others than me, but step by step I'm trying out different and smaller versions on my head. I also discovered that it is a great solution for Winter-hair. You know when first your ears freeze off, then you go inside and your hair is static or just flat or both. Well with a headwrap you keep your ears warm and when you enter somewhere you just have this colourful bow or knot on your head! Perfect!

I watched a ton of tutorials these passed few weeks; from traditional (in many different ways, due to many different cultures) and 50's style, to 10 different ones with one scarf, crowns, angisa, headwraps & headscarfs. I'm still wrapping it wrong, but I get so much inspiration from them. And it's fun to watch, so here is a little selection of my favorites!

More video's by Diana of Di'Xpression on the Vlisco YouTube channel

Turbante-se ▲ Thais Muniz (not a tutorial actually, turning every cloth into a headwrap, a headgift!)

Project {Tribe} Crown Tutorial (their outfits are awesome in this clip)

How To Wear a Headwrap | Turban Style and Bow Scarf (so cute! great end result with the multicolored bow)

How to Tie a Headscarf (her accent rocks)

Turban style tutorial- Summer headwrap (great YouTube channel)

Four New Ways to Tie a Headscarf. More Vintage Glamour! (another one of the same glamour girl with the pretty accent, wauwie)

And my number 1 favorites are made by The Wrap Life

The Wrap Life videos are gorgeous and the fabrics even more so! I bugged my boyfriend to buy one for me by showing the videos and pics. Look all handmade, look so nice! He replied: Of course you can, if I get the pretty lady on the couch *wink*.
So, I got my wish and two days ago this lovely wrapped package arrived. The actual fabric is as pretty presented as their online image. I went for 'Clandestine'**, a handprinted Indigo coloured light weight fabric. The pattern is like the Kawung pattern in Batik, so it fits nicely with my small collection of cloths.
Can't wait to actually wear it! I'm so happy with it!

Gift wrap with a Batik by Sejauh Maata Memandang***

To wrap this post up, one more thing! I think headwraps are the best gift for under the Christmas tree this season. If you do not want the cloth to be the main gift, use it to wrap the present!
Wrapping gifts, lunches and other important stuff with cloth is called Furoshiki.**** This tradition from Japan is found online in many forms (tons of pretty fabrics) and in many tutorials. Most times they use a square piece, but I think it doesn't really matter if it is used for gift-wrapping What does is that it is a sustainable way to wrap a present, and what is better than wrapping a present with a present!

* More about Di'Xpression on
** Shop Headwraps by the Wrap Life on
*** More about Sejauh Mata Memandang on
**** Furoshiki, a Japanese wrapping cloth,

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