December 1, 2014

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Photo by Ferry Rusli on "Underwater photo project Batik"

When I posted my "Soon" post, I honestly thought I would get back to blogging soon, but the post just marked the beginning of my roller coaster year. On my site you can see what I was up to this Summer,
I moved my 5 year blog anniversary celebration to 2 October and was happy to get a little Social Media #batikstatement posting going on. Yet real time to really blog about all the cool things I saw and the nice developments in Batik wasn't there yet.
In the mean time I used Google+ to share nice articles I found and started to follow different Batik entrepreneurs, also on Instagram I discovered that Batik is being shared a lot and overrun the catwalk during Jakarta Fashion Week !

Because Blogging is mostly a Googling game, that the readers can later enjoy what we found, I made for you an overview of my Download Folder content. Everyday I check different sites to see what's new about Batik, and I'm a big fan of hashtags on Instagram & Google+! They make it so easy to find nice things on the web!
The images I find, I share, repost and save. In my Download folder they wait patiently to be re-shared in a post on my blog. So here they are! 

I can't promise that I'll be sharing posts more frequently soon, but if the waiting is to long, just check & follow me on Google +,, or Instagram, !

Many thanks & enjoy!

Photo by Ferry Rusli on "Underwater photo project Batik"

Oldy already from Batik Fractal on Google+, but I still love it! They just launched their new autumn/winter collection online, Soon more about their collection here!





 Batik pattern made with coffee, shared on Instagram

Iwan Tirta private collection, lovely website and great posts on Instagram

Interesting Batik project, one handmade design in many different products available. More on, Instagram and hopefully soon here

Love this skirt! Its on my wish-list for sure!

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