March 18, 2015

Habito, are we what we wear?

In my previous post "Take some elsewhere, and let some come back to me" I told you about my Wax Print Tour with the Italian photographer Rica Cerbarano*.
I couldn't share her project yet, but now that she totally got the best score possible for her thesis, congratulations! I can share it with you.

Me & Rica holding the selected cloth for 'Habito' at Jansen**

'Patterns' by Rica Cerbarano, 2014

Patttern-pattern-pattern-pattern diorama 'Envy' by Sabine Bolk, 2008

When Rica first contacted me, I immediately loved her Facebook cover photo 'Patterns' from 2014. She created this kind of Pattern-pattern-pattern-pattern world I love and I thought it was so clever of her to use wax.
When I started this blog in 2009 I was still very in search of what I wanted from patterns. I created thess little worlds in which the same pattern was repeated over and over again. When I started to learn more about communicating with patterns, my work begin to develop in a different direction, creating my own patterns mostly in ephemeral works. I abandoned my PPPP series and didn't really thought about it, till Rica crossed my path.
Synchronicity is never far away! Maybe one day we can work together creating a patterned world, because I'm totally in awe of her thesis project 'Habito'. Her photo is an absolute beauty and I'm very happy I could help a little with finding the right wax print.

For my blog Rica answered some questions about her project, why wax and what comes next,

Can you tell me what ‘Habito’ is? 

Habito is a project about the importance of textile as extension of body. I got the idea when I started asking myself what is the meaning of the cloth we use to wear everyday.

For your project ‘Habito’ you used a wax print by Julius Holland Wax**, why a wax print? 

Because the story of wax print is the right answer to my question: if we don’t know the story, the origin, of what we like to wear, how we could identify ourselves with it?

When did you fall in love with Wax prints / African textiles? 
Can you describe the first time you saw these textiles? 

Yes, sure! I was walking on the street and I saw an incredible shop window, full of colored textiles., piled one upon the other. Some days after I took the courage to go into the shop and buy one cloth. Then, when I returned home, I saw the “made in holland” sign and I googled it on internet. From that moment everything began.

What do you like most about wax? The colour, the meaning, the way it is worn, the patterns?

The main thing that attracted me is the pattern, I guess. It’s very modern and traditional at the same time. Everybody can find something of their own it it, a piece of their life. At the same time,  you have stories that nobody knows, just African people and maybe a few of Dutch people… it makes definitely the best cloth for my project.

What is your favorite wax print brand or designer?

Surely I love the Vlisco designs, but also Julius is so nice and less expensive - so I have just Julius Holland Wax textiles in my small collection.
I’m not so competent to know the names of the designers, but I can tell you that I prefer geometric patterns.

Now that you made 'Habito', can we expect more wax print wolds photos from you?

I’m wondering about it. Maybe I can add other textiles from all of over the world, because surely there are a lot of stories I would like to tell through my photographs. But I’ll don’t give up wax print, because even though I’m not African or Dutch, I feel like they are something I belong to.

'Habito' by Rica Cerbarano, 2015

* Website Rica Cerbarano
** Website Julius Holland Wax

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