September 30, 2017

Out of Fashion

From the Modemuze selection: Fries traditional wear from around 1800's
In 'Out of Fashion' at Centraal Museum, Utrecht (NL)

Till now this year is particularly peculiar when it comes to me and fashion. After being at the Jakarta FashionWeek, 22 - 27 October 2016; frozen, amazed and filled with fashion, I thought this was more a one time thing. But I saw more fashion (as in live before my eyes) this year then ever before and I wrote this year a lot about fashion (if you count me complaining on not finding sustainable shoes and exploring Dutch traditional wear). I even wrote a review for Modemuze on the opening of the Amsterdam Fashion Week (the article is in Dutch 'Wortels en witte onderbroeken, duurzaamheid en diversiteit. Opening Fashion Week'). 
So why stop there! October is going to be a month filled with fashion, for me definitely and it can be for you too. Next to many events, check at the end of this post, there is a must-see exhibition about Fashion in Utrecht. I already went to it three times and still am amazed by new details in garments. The exhibition shows over a 100 highlights from the Centraal Museum collection under the title 'Out of Fashion'. It goes from Chintz skirts from the 18th century, to Bas Kosters Monster dress, till a new collection being showed at Paris Fashion Week next week (help Liselore Frowijn making her show tiptop in Paris, read more in this post).
The exhibition runs till the 22 of October, so enough time to visit (and let me know, its my hometown). But I do like to share some of my favourites already!

This jacket!! A 'Japonsche Rock' from 1700-1800 made with custom-painted chintz 

Blouse and skirt by Dutch & Colombian designer Aico Dinkla. The bird blouse is from the 80's and the bird was the last added to the piece. It was a jute souvenir from Bogot, Colombia, a gift for his parents . On the shoulder a small button with the portrait of his sister & his fashionmuse

Bas Kosters 'Freedom' clogs from 2010

Modern & old fashioned ear-irons, 'oorijzers'. They are soooo cool! 

In the last part of the exhibition is room for new talent. 
Liselore Frowijn showed her collaboration with Michiel Schuurman. A collection with futuristic prints and pineapple silver leather. 

Her collection is now on its way to Paris, were it is shown during the Fashion Week. Check out Liselore Frowijn crowdfunding project on to get her New collection LISELORE FROWIJN S/S 2018 showed the right way!

Next to a beautifully set-up exhibition, there is an interesting side program organised by Modemuze. These Meet Up's give a stage to different points of view in and on Fashion. 
First were the makers. It was a packed room with four fashion designers getting really personal about "bad fashion" and their carrier-road filled with empty bankaccounts. I was surprised to learn that even fashion designers struggled so much with getting paid for their Art.
Second Meet Up was with the wearers. Oh I loved this meet up! It also made a lot clear to me. I don't see myself as a person loving fashion, but I do love clothing, textiles, interesting people, dressing up, watching fashionshows-pictures-brands-instagram-books-exhibitions... So I guess I do love fashion.  It was lovely to hear, especially trendforecaster Antionette van den Berg aka The Lady in Blu, talking about the love for wearing. When the question was asked: "Did you especially thought what to wear to this event?", my first reaction was "No". When Nick Pieplenbosch and Antionette said "We always think of what to wear". I was like "Yesss!". 
Two more Meet Up's are coming up. Next Mode Muze Meet Up's will be on Thursday evening 5 oktober  #3: visionairen uit de mode & Sunday afternoon on 22 October #4: restauratoren uit de mode

Fashion-wearer dream team at the Meet Up #2 on 8 September, 
trendforecaster The Lady in Blu  and Nick Pieplenbosch

Upcoming Fashion events in October:

'Out of Fashion' will be on display till Sunday the 22 of October at Centraal Museum in Utrecht

For more fashion in Utrecht the Fair Fashion Festival is held on Sunday 22 October. 

This weekend and next weekend, Sunday 1 and Sunday 6 October you can see a great Fashionshow by Lady Africa for Afrovibes in Rotterdam & Den Haag

And on Friday 6 October Fashion Cities Africa opens in Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam!

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