October 7, 2011

Bloemencorso in Zundert

On Sunday 3 September me, Koen, Isa Gama & her kids went to the Bloemencorso in Zundert. I missed it last year, when I saw pictures of it , I promised myself I wouldn't miss it again.

It inspired me to make the ricecarpet for Vincent at the Van GoghHuis in Zundert last year. You can find pictures of that project here.

Ricecarpet for Vincent, 2010

The Bloemencorso is an event in which tradition & temporay art come together. The Bloemencorso, or Flower Parade is a parade in which float are decorated with flowers, and in Zundert only with Dahlia's! It's a total different ball game from the floats they show during Carnaval in Brabant. Those papier-mâché head spinning funny cars have their charm, but the floats in Zundert are really fine, detailed, precise pieces of Art. The floats are very delicate, covered with Dahlia's in beautiful colors. It's great to see how a village makes this together and no one is talking about the temporary state of the floats. They just honor the beauty of flowers & creativity in general!

This year was the jubilee, 75 years ago they organized the first Bloemencorso in Zundert! Next year it will be on Sunday 2 September, put that date in your planner! More info about the Bloemencorso on www.bloemencorsozundert.nl.

Enjoy the photos & see you next year front row!

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