October 6, 2011

Temporary Art

In my previous post about Traditional Dutch I announce more posts about Dutch Arts & Craft. I also would like to post more about a subject already close to my work, Temporary Art. There will be some cross-over, like the Flower Parade ("Bloemencorso"). It's traditional and it really doesn't get more temporary then that! And I would like to show that the ongoing discussion about "Unsalable Art" is really pointless. There are so many examples of Temporary Art that has been bought & are on display in museums. And Temporary Art has such a strong story to tell and the story would just dissolve if the work was permanent.

To show my point :), I start with two works on display in two Dutch museums.

Michiel Fran├žois "Niet vallen! Pas Tomber" (Don't fall!) dandelions ("paardenbloemen") & carpet (carpet is not on the pictures)

This work shown in De Pont in Tilburg is very nice example of Temporary Art. How did he hang those dandelions?! Normally if you pick the dandelions and you blow softly, the seeds will be carried of by the wind. How did he get them there?!
Really beautiful!

I'm not so fond of the total work. It includes a carpet on the floor, based on the map of a cell from a FPK clinic. The concept is very strong, using the carpet as a "prison" and the dandelions as symbol for freedom. But I'm not sure about the choice of material. The contrast between the temporary & the permanent is too fierce. How ever it's still a very nice partly temporary work!

Second up, the Wood Circle by Richard Long.

"In the nature of things:
Art about mobility, lightness and freedom.
Simple creative acts of walking and marking
about place, locality, time, distance and measurement.
Works using raw materials and my human scale
in the reality of landscapes."

- Richard Long

It made my day when I saw this picture. Haven't seen the real deal yet...The Wood Circle is shown by the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven. They are Crowd Funding to buy this fine piece of Art! You can help them by buying a nice button, t-shirt or book, more info about that on their website.

Coming up next the Flower Parade in Zundert, so keep visiting my blog!

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