February 27, 2013

Being busy with Butterflies

At the moment I'm preparing a project about butterflies, birds and animalfriendly gardening. I'm making an exhibition for which I made a new work on paper based on the work 'Walk around the Pond'. For this work I used my 'making sense by making maps' theory, you can read more about it in the previous post 'Making sense by making maps'.

Preparing an exhibition leaves little time to read about things like Batik or in the beautiful new book 'Merk- en stoplappen uit het Burgerweeshuis Amsterdam' by Berthi Smith about sampler or visiting exhibitions. I promise to make it up to you. And I know I can keep my promise, because there are many wonderful and interesting exhibitions going to start in march. Which I'm hoping to visit all!

'How far we will get I don’t know' is the titel of Emmy Dijkstra's exhibition at Dynamo Expo in Enschede (NL). The exhibition opened last Sunday and is till 22th of march.
The titel is from a book about the dutch explorer Alexandrine Tinne ( 1835-1869). She wrote this particular sentence in one of her letters. Emmy's work is about travelers, nomads and wanderers who search their way in live.
Sometimes they have to cross oceans, deserts maybe, to find their destination or they find it much closer to the place they already are.
I have the great honer of working together with Emmy and at the moment we are making new work and looking for a place to show it. Her exhibition in Enschede shows her New York Scenes series and stencil prints.

More on www.emmydijkstra.nl

On friday 15 march at 20h Cécile Verwaaijen exhibition 'Cutting Loose' opens at IDFX in Breda (NL). Last year I interviewed Cécile about her new work inspired on dutch samplers (see post 'Interview with artist Cécile Verwaaijen'). Now she will exhibited these works for the very first time! I'm really looking forward to this. She is an inspiring artist and it is very brave to start a new direction in your work.

More on www.cecileverwaaijen.nl

From 10 march till 5 may there are three textiel-exhibitions at the Breda's Museum. Two of the exhibitions are by artists from Breda, Johanna Schweizer (crocheted creatures, like the green man on the image above) and Miek Vlamings (sculptures of felt and paper). The other exhibition is with work of the European Art Quilts VII.

More on www.breda-museum.org

Last but not least, 'Boek & Beeld' (Book and image), a group-exhibition full of selfmade artistsbooks at the Grafisch Atelier Den Bosch from 9 march till 14 april. Letterpress artist Marja Scholtens from Breda will show her wonderful selfmade books (see photo above). I followed a workshop making an ex-libris at her studio (see 'Ex-Libris' on www.sabinebolk.nl) and I saw some of her beautifully made books that day. Also my dear friend Emmy Dijkstra is invited to show her water-colored journals.

More on www.gadenbosch.nl

Make sure to visit the exhibitions for yourself if possible, if not, no worries, I will visit them for you :)!

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