March 26, 2013

Batik Chic on the Pasar Malam

I went to the Pasar Malam last week in Den Haag to see the beautiful products of Batik Chic. And beautiful they are!
The lovely Dhanti Hajdenborg represents Batik Chic in the Netherlands (and Europe). It was really nice to meet her and to hear more about Batik Chic and their designer Novita Yunus.
I really like their products. I knew their collection only from Facebook, on which it always looks fantastic with photoshoots on great locations and with beautiful models. It was great to see the real deal.
The Batik Chic products are of great quality. Bags of Batik Tulis (made with canting) with leather, woven Kalimantan style clutches, Kebaya-like blouses with big lace flowers. I added a lot of things to my wish-list that day!
The search for designs with a heritage base and a new, young feel makes Batik Chic unique. Of course there are more Batik bags made in indonesia, but I think it really important that Batik Chic puts heritage first. They not only use Batik, which is specially made for Batik Chic, they also use other textile arts from Indonesia.
I bought the Batik Chic 'heritage slippers', see first picture. The 'Ulap Doyo' slippers are made of wild orchid. It looks like rough linen. They made a collection also with bags were the textile is used colored and uncolored. In 2012 Novita Yunus won a UNESCO award for her 'Ulap Doyo' slippers design (Award of excellence for handicrafts).

Dhanti had a special surprise for me in store. I'm now the proud owner of a lovely green, Batik Tulis clutch by Batik Chic (see picture above). What a wonderful gift! Thank you so much Novita and Dhanti! And keep up the good work, ladies!

BC cluthes of Batik with lace and woven

BC Batik bags, want!

BC bags of woven wild orchid

Sarong with modern Kebaya by Batik Chic

Dhanti shows how to wear the BC bolero to a customer

Me & Dhanti

More about Batik Chic in my post 'Think globally, bag locally'

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