March 16, 2013

Crochet creatures and colorful felt at the Breda's Museum

'Dumb Question #1: When Do You Get Your Ideas?' by Linda Barlow

Yesterday I was at the opening of Cécile Verwaaijen's exhibition 'Cutting Loose' at IDFX in Breda. I interviewed her last year about her new found direction in her work (see blogpost 'Interview with artist Cécile Verwaaijen'). She made really beautiful, strong, striking new works. Inspiring and a real must-see!
More about this exhibition 'Cutting Loose' on her website

The best thing is there is even more strong textile art being exhibited in Breda at the moment. Last weekend three textile exhibitions started at the Breda's Museum!

First some pictures of quilts from the European Art Quilts VII. I went with a pretty traditional idea in mind and I was surprised to find such mature, artful textile works. The works are displayed lovely and you can enjoy them from a distance and up close. The details are fantastic. Sometimes it looks more made by sewing machine then by hand, but it's still really amazing what they can create.

Detail from 'In Town' by Brigitte Kopp

'Love, Not War' by Bente Vold Klausen

Detail from 'Love, Not War' by Bente Vold Klausen

'Waiting For The First Snow' by Irina Fomina

On the first floor of the Brada's Museum two artist from Breda show their textile art. First: Miek Vlamings.

Yet another surprise. I'm usually not so fond of felt art. For me, most of the time, it looks blurry and has a high hobby-feel to it. Not the works of Miek Vlamings. They have a strong clarity in them. It doesn't look accidental, she knows her material and what she wants to show. Maybe the making process itself is experimental, but this sculptures look like they have been created intentionally.
In the informational brochure from the museum Miek Vlamings tells a little about how she went from graphic designer to artist. She also mentions natural dyeing with herbs and other sources from nature. A really interesting subject, unfortunately they only put the titles in the brochure and not the materials. This extra information would have been the cherry on the cake!

Second: Johanna Schweizer.

I have know Johanna for a while now and I'm always enjoying her artworks very much. Last year we were on holiday together and she was making some little skulls in the backseat of the car. It's wonderful to see how with something as sweetly as crochet, strong sculptures are being created.
Johanna's work is full of symbolism and refers to old, magical, voodoo-like characters. Ghosts from her past combined with epic, historical figures.
Here are some sneak previews of her crochet creatures. Enjoy, but make sure to enjoy them in real life!

The textile exhibitions at the Breda's Museum are till the 5th of May. Cécile Verwaaijen's 'Cutting Loose' is open till the first of April at IDFX, Markendaalseweg 36 in Breda.

* All pictures made by me, if you copy them, please do not forget to mention the artists names, thnx!

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