December 9, 2012

Batik Statement XIV

Received two Summerful 'Batik Statements' by Yulyana. She posed for me during the BatikFashionPhotoShoot at Taman Indonesia, see blogpost 'Batik Statement XI' and a few days back she put these on my Facebook wall.

On the first picture Yulyana is on the beach in Makassar, South Sulawesi, her home island.
She made the picture just for fun. The Summerhat she holds in her hand matched so good with her cute Batik dress, that she decided to make the picture.

The second one is made during Yulyana's first holiday in the Netherlands. It was a nice sunny day to go picnicking. The black & white batik is actually a skirt, she wore as a tubedress (great fashion tip!). The picnic basket is made of Rotan plant.

Thank you Yulyana for sharing these sunny 'Batik Statements' with us!

Got inspired? Get your Batik on! Make a picture of yourself wearing your favorite Batik and send it to me by email or post it on my Facebook wall. For inspiration see the previous 'Batik Statements' (tip: sunny, nice locations, lots of colors and good memories).

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