November 12, 2016

My Last Jakarta FashionWeek Day

I wore Batik every day I went to JFW2027

The last Jakarta FashionWeek day I attended was a truly Traditional Textile Inspired Day. I arrived on 27 October as early as possible in Jakarta traffic to be at as many shows and press conferences as possible.
The first show that caught my attention was 'My Romance' by Musa Widyatmodjo.
The collection consisted of soft shaded outfits. The patchwork batik motif textiles were covered with lace and pearl applications. The collection was too sweet for my taste, but it is a nice way of using batik (motifs, I don't know if it is actual batik or printed textiles). And I think more designers could have done that during the JFW.

'My Romance' by Musa Widyatmodjo

The next one which used traditional wear as a inspiration was LeVico. I already shared something about this on Instagram and I have to say the show before this one used even worse fabrics, but still.
Dear designers, in a country so full of skilled textile makers there is no excuse for using bad and ugly textiles. Especially if you show your collection on a event like this. You want the best right?
But anyhow, the looks LeVico showed were pretty stunning. And maybe thats why it bothered me even more. The collection inspired by Nusa Tenggara Timur was with some bold silhouettes and with nice decorations on the models. The little beads purses were a real wanna-have item and the ikat was used in a elegant way. Ikat is already a beautiful textile and the other fabrics could have been chosen much better.
Next time, a prime time show with all quality fabrics?

LeVico at JFW2017

My favourite show of the day was by Novita Yunus, the creator of Batik Chic. The collection under her name is for ready to wear clothing you can wear with your Batik Chic bag.
This collection didn't had Batik (Am I finally here...hehe) but the colours were a feast! The textiles reminded me of Indian sari's or Chinese jackets with bright yellow, green, purple and pink. The nice shimmering of the textile combined well with the detailed embroidery on the back of the jackets.
I think I would like to have all pieces in my wardrobe one day!

Novita Yunus at JFW2017

Last show of the day and one I was really happy to see was by Sejauh Mata Memandang. I also saw their show in the afternoon, but made only shaken photos. These photos aren't much better, sorry...
The audience was filled with people wearing Sejauh's 'Noodle Bowl' scarfs, so I think their brand is very popular now.
The show started with a video celebrating Batik and traveling around!
Sejauh consider themselves as textile makers, so for a wrapper like me, it is wonderful to see how they create these looks. With well placed knots and bows beautiful clothing is made. The backstages photos on Sejauh's Instagram are always amazing and it was good to see their details really pop out on stage.

Sejauh Mata Memandang at JFW2017

With my mind filled with new Batik Statements ideas and feeling very grateful, I ended my first Jakarta FashionWeek. Thank you JFW!

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