November 10, 2016

She doesn't make fashion, she creates goddesses

Already a couple of years I'm wishes to see a Anne Avantie fashion show live. This designer is know for her wonderful Sarong & Kebaya creations. The photos I saw before show beautiful, powerful women in beautiful traditional, yet it is new fashion. Like a fairytale on a catwalk.

In the afternoon of Tuesday 25 October at the Jakarta FashionWeek was a press conference and I was already happy to see Anne Avantie in real life. This new collection was inspired by Bali. So I understood that this meant I would miss out on her Batik-creations, but I wanted to ask her about Batik anyway.
A journalist before me asked something and I got the microphone after him. I said I knew Batik would not be used this time, but I did wanted to ask her what her opinion was about Batik nowadays and how she saw her part in this.
She didn't answer in English, but I understood directly that she is very passionate about this. I later got a rough translation and mixed it with my own understanding of her answer: "When we are talking about Batik, we are talking about Tulis, the technique. Not print, nor cap. I always will be inspired by Indonesian culture, because it is very important for me."
After the answer the press conference ended and I was very lucky I could ask her this (I made a recording, I will try to get a more accurate longer translation)
Batik Tulis would not be on the catwalk that evening, but the promise of ikat and prada made me glad already!

The fashion show started with the sound of a rooster calling morning dawn. Balinese dancers entered the stage both blessing it and show the first fashion pieces. You know immediately this is going to be a party!
The morning parade was a colourful mixes of lace and woven textiles in a wide range of colours. Every piece looks like it is the traditional wear for a 1000 years, because it fits so perfectly to every model. The models walk on stage which such graze making it possible for everyone to see the outfits well. At the end they strike a pose which make men fall on their knees and girls too.

After the morning it was time for the afternoon with white lace and gold on black fabrics. The soundtrack was all loud Balinese music which made it cheerful and elegant at once. The details in every piece is a real treat. I think every model has a Melati behind her ear and gorgeous jewellery like earwings, hair-ornaments and the Balinese wooden earrings in gold. Even all shoes were well chosen. And my favourite piece of this part of day was actually a pair of pants. But how cool is a prada patterned skinny jeans?!

The day ended and evening setting in on stage with a loud beating drum. Colours came back on stage in a hard pink and a rich blue. Capes covering lace bodysuits, big scarfs and short kebaya tops on skinny prada pants dominated this last part of her show. I knew then, what is also the title of this post: Anne Avantie doesn't make fashion, she creates goddesses!

Thank you Anne Avantie! And thank you Jakarta FashionWeek 2017!

There is one more JFW 2017 post coming up... thanks for reading!

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