April 14, 2012

Sometimes I wish I was a fashion blogger

On 21 of april 2009 I posted my first blogpost on De reis naar Batik (The journey to Batik).
I started my blog to write about my travel-plans to Indonesia, making a journal about my trip and finding out more about the use of patterns in my work.
As I returned from Indonesia I had so much more to share about Batik (history and now) and patterns (in Batik and in synchronicity between my work and what I came across).
I continued my blog in Dutch. In the summer of 2010 I showed a wallpaperinstallation based on a Batikfabric from Lasem (see last picture) during an exhibition. I named the work in which my bird Batik and the Garuda (Phoenix) takes flight "De reis van Batik"/"The journey of Batik". Because I wanted to share this work with people I met in Indonesia, I wrote it in Dutch and English.
After that, I decided to continue in English (and I'm now trying to work my way back translating and labeling my previous posts).

My English is not so good. I'm learning more with every post I write and that gives me the strength to make posts about history, art and other things that interest me. I'm still trying to find out what I want with my blog. I love reading books and visiting exhibitions, a lot, and my blog gives me a good excuse doing so. It gives me insights in my work and interests I wouldn't have had if I didn't write my posts.

In de Dutch media, due to Fashion week and the new collections on the catwalks, fashionbloggers are everywhere. Being interviewed, giving special workshops on how to pay your rent with blogging, filling spreads in magazines with there original street-styles and such. I have always been a big fan of fashionbloggers, following Tavi Gevinson's fashionblog The Style Rookie for some time now. I always love the self-made fashion-pictures made around the house. Tavi always makes me smile with her wild and sweet combinations of found and made up Fashion. After a while she started to receive items from designers (beginning and already there) and was front-row at every fashionshow. But still she makes her pictures (or her dad does) and she really reaps what she sows in a positive, yet progressive way.

Sometimes I wish I was a fashion blogger, instead of a...is there a title for a Batik loving, history digging, art making Blogger?
It took me quite a lot of time making these pictures and I think I'll stick to my kind of blogging, but I really liked making this post! Because fashion bloggers are hot this season, and so are patterns, mostly tropical, but I also spotted Batik African style fabrics on the catwalks, I made these Batik-fashion-tribute-to-fashion-bloggers photos. Enjoy!

Wearing Batik jewelry I bought in Yogyakarta with a Batik on my head that was given to me by Johanna

Batik, I received as a present from Prita, with my Swarovski black sheep necklace and black sheep-shaped watering can

Batik made by the Srikandi Jeruk Batik Women Group, in Jeruk (Indonesia)

"Veritable Java Hollandais 1875 R" Vlisco on a yellow skinny jeans with white peeptoe-shoes and a bird in a birdcage necklace

Batik from Workshop Mr. Sigit, in Lasem (Indonesia). First coloration, one wash (end result Batik has 4 or 5 colours)


Anonymous said...

Sabine, it looks wonderfull again. From Vermeer's Girl with the earring to Veritable Java Hollandais. And offcourse the beautifull Banyuwangi batik from Prita as a sexy springdress. It's a pity that we can't see the colours of your Lasem workshop.

Sabine Bolk said...

Thank you, dankjewel,. Last picture is more artistic than practical for showing the batik :)

Anonymous said...

owh..im just love it to...u r looking stunning wearing the batik jewelry .. ant the batik turban... its inspired me!! keep it up...

Sabine Bolk said...

Thank you Vicke, that is very sweet :)!
I would love to receive your Batik fashionpicture, if you like to make one. See for more inspiration http://dereisnaarbatik.blogspot.nl/search/label/Batik%20Statement.

batik ayu said...

wow you look so beautiful in batik, really do!
hope u like batik as we do here :)

Sabine Bolk said...

Thank you, terima kasih Batik Ayu :)!

Unknown said...

Hi, i would you to be my endorser for Batik Danar Hadi. Would you like to give me your direct contact ?

Sabine Bolk said...

Dear Annisa,
My emailadres is sabinebolk@gmail.com,
Best regards