October 22, 2009

Batik Lasem

On of these days I'm going to meet  William Kwan. He is a expert on Batik Lasem and I visited his project in Jeruk. I hope I can return next year to study in Jeruk. This place had a great feel to it and I would love to be a part of this new project. I found Rumah Seni Yaitu due to an article about Batik Lasem on Tubagus site. My respons is still online...I immediately liked Tubagus writing and see him as an great example. I'm so happy that with my project I met Tubagus, and also Aris, Deni and Tommas, miss it already!

In Lasem I visited Mr. Sigit and Purnomo. Both well known and great executors of Batik Lasem. At Mr.Sigit I bought a beautiful batik with typical Lasemred flowers (see picture). Traditionally (and maybe still) this batik is worn by rich people from Chinese origin. I want to use it for my new project, but I do not know if I can cut it...

At Mr. Sigit

At Purnomo

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