October 27, 2009

Jam Malam

Iedereen aanstaande donderdag naar Curfew IV gaan in Electron, Breda, want het wordt een vette Curfew met Nordic Sounds en Koen (en IDFX) hebben er keihard aangewerkt!

IDFX presents Curfew “Get inside!” a collaboration with Vanuit bed

Three bands from Norway that make no concessions about there unique and individual sound. These are Nordic Sounds:
the parameters of inertia and the problem
of hyponyms


Petter o Hanna
and videoart by Andreas Schille

I'm carried away to the summerstreets
& dreamy lands & talk of 'right to be',
talk of pride & sense of worthiness.
& those dreamy streets come to life in my mind.
"No, I haven't,
I've sacrificed this year.
Sounds weird, doesn't it?
I'm sad, don't get me wrong,
I'm bleeding out,
my heart..."

Open: 20.30u Start: 21 u

Electron, Belcrumweg 19, Breda

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