October 31, 2009

Ramayana Ballet

Thursday I couldn't see Curfew IV, but I did see something else very impressive.

Lots of colors, very busy and very inspiring!

Real love, it can only be proven by throwing herself into the fire because her men doesn't believe she is pure..well..it's very romantic.

Next to the 'dance battles', there is a lot of humor in the show. So much that the people in the tribunes left and right from us are laughing loudly. And Denny as well, he has seen it 3 times before, but is still laughing like it his first visit. It really great to see everyone so openly enjoying this.
I don't think you get a permit in Belanda for this..;)

The story, dance, movements and play of the actors are a blast. Also the outfits are great. Traditional batik full of blingbling.

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